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We offer an array of programs  to mothers and their daughters ages 12-25  to help rebuild, repair and restore broken relationships.  Our aim is to:

1.  Help mothers and daughters find ways to overcome obstacles

2.  Provide beneficial advice, guidance and support

3.  Encourage mothers and daughters

4.  Provide and safe and caring environment where mothers and daughters feel safe communicating their issues and concerns.

5.  Create a network of support for mothers and daughters.

6.  Build and rebuild mother-daughter bonds

7.  Establish and/or re-establish healthy mother-daughter relationships

8.  Involve mother and daughters in beneficial enrichment activities

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The Chosen Programs


Connect 4

Darkness to Light

Ivey League

Mothers and daughters are provided with B.A.G.S... Bonding activities, Advice, Guidance, and Support. These B.A.G.S are to help build and re-build healthy mother-daughter relationships in 4 key areas: communication, respect, trust and unity


Ivey League

Darkness to Light

Ivey League

Mothers and daughters are provided with top of the line personal and life skills coaching. We assist participants with the skills needed to build and rebuild healthy mother-daughter relationships.


Darkness to Light

Darkness to Light

Darkness to Light

Online or face-to-face courses and workshops which shed light on various issues that negatively impact mother-daughter relationships.